RILA's Asset Protection Conference 2023


RILA is committed to quality learning sessions. Before you submit, be sure you can create a session meeting these requirements:

  • Provide compelling, timely and relevant educational content to a business audience made up of top executives, including EVPs, SVPs, VPs and their direct reports, from the largest and most visible retailers.
  • Offer relevant takeaways for the audience attending.
  • Feature a unique and diverse perspective.
  • Include a retailer(s) speaker/co-presenter.
  • Refrain from a "sales pitch" tone, selling products and/or services during the session.


Be sure your proposal includes:

  • Fresh content – what is happening now or on the horizon.
  • Actionable takeaways – what will attendees learn and take back to their work.
  • Real insights – a deep dive on the details of the session topic, versus a topline summary.

PLEASE NOTE: RILA believes strongly that non-retailers who are given a platform to present at the Conference should also be financially invested in the event. If you are a non-retailer submitting a proposal, please be prepared to commit to becoming a paid sponsor or exhibitor if your proposal is selected to be included in the educational program by the Conference Steering Committee. ONLY retailer and product manufacturer presenters receive a complimentary registration if they are selected to present at the 2023 Retail Asset Protection Conference.